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Testimonials about The Hurley Law Group

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. I finally feel like I can start picking up the broken pieces of my life and become whole again. I can't believe you got me 100% disability! I am forever indebted and extremely grateful to you and your vision. I will continue to let others know about you and your desire to help veterans. You are like family to me. Very few people have come through for me in this life. A real stand-up Gentleman."  - Amy C.  (2023)

Pastor Al and James served our country with distinction but had to fight the VA for fair compensation.  With persistence, they prevailed.  As Rick Hurley says, "What a joy it is to serve and help military families!"

"I can’t thank Richard Hurley and his team enough. I can confidently say I am totally satisfied with the assistance I received from Richard K. Hurley and the Hurley Law Group.   I tried and tried to fight my way through the VA to get my much needed 100% disability rating with little to no results. Without them I would still be fighting an uphill battle with no end in sight.  I've learned that VA is not in the business of granting disability to injured veterans while in service of this country. The VA is in the business of preventing those veterans from receiving the disability and after care they deserve. They hope you'll take what you get, be happy and go away. That's where Richard and the Hurley Law Group come in. Mr. Hurley and his team worked what seemed like nonstop until I reached my 100% rating. I would (and do) not hesitate recommending Mr. Hurley every time I meet a vet who feels lost when talking about the VA.  If you were injured while in service of this great nation and are being denied compensation or are just lost and confused on what to do next, please, please contact Richard K. Hurley of the Hurley Law Group. They have changed my life and they will change yours too. In my opinion you can’t do better and you won’t regret it!"  - Tim G. (2023)

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